School and the Pandemic

We are The Montessori Garden School. Since the pandemic started for us officially on March 17, 2020, we decided not to close down our school. We had spring break the week after March 17, so it was decided that after spring break we would open for those people that needed...
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Using Montessori at Home

Wondering what you can do with your child at home? This website has so many ideas and activities that you can use at home with your child.  It is great.  You can navigate to the different age groups and see what they offer.  Follow this link and enjoy… Ms....
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Famous People Influenced by Montessori

Famous People Influenced by Montessori  By Deb Chitwood Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) It’s interesting to see how many famous people have been influenced in one way or another by Maria Montessori’s philosophy and method of education. Famous People Who Were Montessori Students The famous individuals most obviously influenced by Montessori...
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Montessori Infant Room

The differences between a Montessori Infant class and a Daycare class are many.  In a true Montessori environment children are not restrained in any way.  This means that there are no cribs in the class.  Cribs are places where a child can be placed in, but the child cannot get...
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Maria Montessori: What You May Not Know

Maria Montessori: What You May Not Know Welcomed by European royal families, entertained in the White House, and introduced to Mahatma Gandhi, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Erik Ericson, and the world as the “great educator,” Maria Montessori transformed the education of young children. She developed her theories while working...
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The Future of education was invented in 1906

I came across this article in Forbes Magazine and I thought it would be a great post.  It talks about a “NEW” teaching method that is transforming education. Really, there is nothing “new” about it. Maria Montessori had figured it out in 1906. Here is the link to the article:...
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Grace and Courtesy Beyond Please and Thank You

This is a great article on Grace and Courtesy Beyond Please and Thank you.  We all want our children to be courteous and have good manners.  Here is a great article that discusses what we can do to model that behavior.  Enjoy. Click on the link below: Grace and Montessori


My name is Danierys Hernandez. I have been a teacher for 22 years in Miami-Dade County. I have taught in the elementary and middle school levels. I am certified in the areas of special education, Math 6-10 grade, ESOL, Elementary education and I have my Montessori Certificate in Early Childhood. On November 2011, I opened up a Montessori Preschool in the Miami area. The Montessori Garden is located on Bird Road and 82 Avenue. The second student to register in my school was a special needs child. I used everything I learned and experienced in the special education classroom, together with the Montessori philosophy to help this child succeed. He had a desire to learn and communicate. As my school grew ,I realized how many schools do not accept children with special needs in their program. I let the parents know that sometimes the child just needs more services than I can offer, but we give it a try.