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Montessori Infant Room


The differences between a Montessori Infant class and a Daycare class are many.  In a true Montessori environment children are not restrained in any way.  This means that there are no cribs in the class.  Cribs are places where a child can be placed in, but the child cannot get out on his/her own.  We have floor beds, so when a child can crawl and move on their own, they can get out without help. They don’t have to cry to get the teacher’s attention.  They just get up and go.  This is freedom and independence for the child. They learn they can do things on their own.

Also, there are no high chairs to eat.  When the child is able to sit on their own, they are sat down on small chairs and eat at the table.  Again, there are no restraints. Even the changing pads in the restroom are on the floor so there is no danger of the children falling or getting hurt.

There is also an area for the children to do “lessons”.  The lessons can be as simple as “tummy-time” for infants to get their muscles strong, to learning how to put a puzzle together.  There is also a bar so the children who are ready can start standing with support.

Our teachers are Montessori trained. They also have their 45 DCF hours, they have background checks, every teacher and aide is CPR trained. Also, teachers are required to complete 24 hours of yearly teacher courses, where other schools only require 10.

The environment is calm and inviting.  It is beautiful, it smells and is clean and fresh. Our  Montessori infant class is amazing and a must see!