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Montessori at Home by Karen Rivera

Let’s face it. Wouldn’t it be nice if our kids would carefully and happily put all their belongings away upon arriving home from school? How about if they didn’t have to be reminded to do their daily chores, on a daily basis (they do have chores, right)? Imagine a day where you can announce that it is time for school and they are actually ready all on their own!

Ok, maybe this is a bit of a stretch ;), however, there are plenty of routines and rules that you as a parent can establish that can positively steer your child or children in that direction.

Here are some practical tips you can apply today:

1- Designate one place for their backpacks, coats, and shoes. It should be within their reach,and preferably near the stairs or in their bedroom. If it is near the stairs, they would also be responsible to bring their belongings upstairs before the night is over.

2- Have a specific, short routine that they can consistently follow every week day. This can include a snack that they are responsible to clean up after.

3- Also, this is a great time to have them do some small household chores. The idea behind this is that they can understand that the keeping of their home is a TEAM effort, and not just mom and dad picking up after them.

4- Teach your children how to prepare their own clothes for the next day. Complete with socks, shoes, and hair accessories for the girls, this is a great way to keep the morning rush at a minimum. They can lay it on a bedroom chair right next to their backpack.

Just remember, no one day will every be perfect! However, these guidelines may really help to reduce that daily stress.

Karen Rivera

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