8250 SW 40 Street, Miami, FL 33155

Emphasis on cognitive structure and social development

Child is active participant in learning

Environment  encourages self-discipline

Instruction adapts to child's learning style

Mixed age grouping

Children encouraged to teach and help each other

Child choose own work from interests and abilities

Child works as long as needed on a project

Child self corrects through material feedback

Multi-sensory materials for physical exploration

Learning care of one self and environment

Child can move around and talk as long as others not disturb

Our Goal

Our goal is to help children grow at their own pace and encourage students to learn HOW TO LEARN. We will nurture a wide range of interests for new ideas and possibilities. Our core values include integrity, responsibilities, respect and community leadership. This will lead our students to become independent, compassionate, engaged citizens of our global society.

Meet our staff

TMG has some of the best teachers and staff in the area. We are known for our warm, compassionate, and nurturing staff. Our teachers have years of teaching experience with young children. Our teachers are bilingual and come from a variety of cultural backgrounds. The TMG staff works together as a team, always putting the children’s interest and well-being first.