Our happy parents

We cannot thank you enough for all the love and support you have shown to our family throughout our time at The Montessori Garden. You have created such an exceptional atmosphere for our children to learn and grow. Your teachers are full of life and love and passion for teaching...and this is reflected in the smiling faces of our children when they return to us from your school. Thank you for paving the path for my son’s academic success as he moves on in his lifelong journey of learning.
Gelcys Acosta Nogueras
My kids have attended this school for two years now! All of my friends say how stressful it is for them with their children. My kids are learning in an environment that is home away from home. SMD
There are far too many words to describe how great this school is. My son has learned much more than I expected. He knows how to read, write, add, subtract, knows his continents, the solar system the list goes on and on. :) The teachers give their maximum effort for every child to learn and proper discipline is given when needed. I have definitely recommended this school to several parents so hopefully they will take my advice to bring their child(ren). Thank you TMG! Sylvia Herrera Gonzalez
Sylvia Herrera Gonzalez
Referred to this school by a friend and couldn't be happier with the choice I made.  Knowing my daughter is happy every day and looks forward to going to school makes it so much easier dropping her off each day.  The teachers there are very caring and loving.  My daughter has learned so much while attending this school and I believe a big part of her development came because of this school.  She was potty trained before the age of 2! I thank the Montessori Garden and their staff for the hard work and dedication they provide and highly recommend the school. Karina G
Karina G
This is the best school I have ever seen for children and adults alike. It is the most ideal environment for children becoming reality. Mrs. D really understands the concept of Montessori and has allowed my special daughter to blossom in a way that I fear would not have happened elsewhere. I love Mrs. D and I love The Montessori Garden! Let that garden continue growing!
Jessie Perez
As a parent of a child with “special needs”, we were looking for a pre-school that was willing to accept our child with her condition BUT without preferential treatment. Our journey began 6 months prior to “miraculously” finding Mrs. D and TMG. We were rejected from 12 schools…until we came across TGM. As soon as we mentioned her condition, she looked at us and shrugged her shoulders and said I can do it, as long as you teach me what to do. THAT WAS MUSIC TO our EARS. Someone actually was willing to HELP our Maddi. TMG met AND exceeded all of our expectations. From a very caring environment to a great academic curriculum. My daughter has leaped from 1-2 words in English to 6 months later putting sentences together in ENGLISH. Mrs. D. has been an very influential part of our lives and we are extremely grateful for the exceptional care that is given to our daughter. With Sincerely Appreciation,
Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Perez